What ever the weather a Bicycle is a great idea!

Are you looking to buy a bike for yourself or a family member or maybe a friend? Here in the UK our weather is not that great so you will get wet on most days of the week, we would advise you to get mud guards for the front and rear of your bike otherwise you will get a nice muddy and wet line all up your back which is not nice on the way to work or school. You can pick the colour of your bike plus you can choose some upgrades if the bike you like does not come with some things you want like metal pedals for example. If this is your 1st bike you should think about the purpose you want it for, maybe you want to go off road and need front suspension, you might want to do bike trials which you may want a full suspension bike. Think of want you want out of a bike and where you want to take it and this will save you buying a bike that will end up as a dust collector. Also don't forget some bikes have free delivery.


A Full Range of Bicycles Right In Front Of Your Eyes :)

We stock a range of bikes for adults and children plus BMX bikes, full suspension and racing bikes to name just a few. Buying a bike should be enjoyable just like riding a bike for the 1st time, feeling the wind in your hair as you get to learn how to stay on without failing off. Now you should be ready to find a bicycle that suits your needs or maybe you want a road bike for school or work or even pleasure but you want to take your bike on holidays. On here you can get a good road bike for just under £100 or you can get a really good one with disc brakes and front suspension for just over £200, it all depends on how much you want to spend on a bike and how often you will use it. If you have never used a bicycle before i would highly recommend a good soft seat as your bum will get sore on the standard seats they supply with most if not all bikes.