Bike Lighting


Be Safe & Be Seen With Our Bike Lights & Wheel Lights

Would you drive a car with no lights on in the dark? No is the answer so why have a bike with no lights, being on a bike even in the day can be hard for motorists to see you so it is wise to have front and rear lights as well as good reflectors on both wheels. Shop here today for some blue led wheel lights or green or red that flash when you are moving to help other road users see you. You should also get a reflective jacket or some armbands that will also help you be seen in the dark and hopefully prevent an accident from happening. Safety is our number 1 priority when it comes to cycling.


On your Bike at Night? You need to have Front & Rear Bike Lights

There are so many different lights you can buy for your bike, so which one is right for you? The front lights we stock range from a single beam or wide angle beam or even full and dipped beam just like a motor bike or car, some front lights we supply even flash but i am not a fan of them as a car driver. You should look at a dual beam front light which does not flash, then you just need the rear light again that does not flash, the LED ones seem to sell the best as the battery lasts for ages. Now you have the front & rear lights sorted now on to the wheels, we have LED valve cap lights and spoke reflectors, also there are LED spoke reflectors that look cool in blue at night.