Bike Frames


Be Different & Build Your Own Bike With A Good Frame

Why buy just a bike like everyone else? If you have a few skills why not buy a bike frame and build a custom bike that you can be proud of, you are in control of what you want on your bike. With a custom frame you can then look at what pedals you want, you might want quick release wheels or front suspension. You have the option of building the bike the way you want it. If you have some time on your hands or just want a little hobby, building a bike can give you great pleasure especially when you have built it and its ready for its 1st journey.


What Bike Frame Should I Look At Buying?

When you are looking around to buy a bike frame you should think of what types of riding you will be doing on your bike, if you mainly want a frame for road use a good lightweight frame is going to be better than a chunky heavy frame which you wouldn't need. If however you want to do off-roading and jumps or stunts a good solid chunky frame would suit it a lot better as it can handle the rough terrain. Heavy duty frames can help take some of the bumps out of your journey as they were designed to make you more comfortable.