Quick & Easy Pedal Upgrades

Want an easy upgrade for your road bike or mountain bike? Getting a new set of pedals or cleats for your bike can make a big difference, when you have the right footwear for the pedals you choose this can stop your feet sliding off the pedals. You have so many choices of pedals like, road use, clip-less, race cleats, metal or plastic, ultra light weight for speed, wide or narrow and small and large, the choice is massive. When you have ordered your pedals and you have tested them on your bike you should hopefully be really happy or maybe you have ordered two different sets for different uses. 

Different Pedals For Other Uses For Your Bike

Some race bike users prefer the pedals with clips as you can push the bike further without slipping off the pedal, it all depends on what you like and how secure you like your feet to be on the pedals, i know i like my freedom with my feet on the pedals and i hate being connected to them as it makes me a bit scared in case i need to get my foot off quickly. They are easy to fit as it just bolts straight on within minutes so they are a quick replacement and they are not that expensive if you want a couple of sets to play with.