Bike Trailers


Bike Trailers Plus Child Seats

In this selection we have picked some of the best trailers for your bike, we know when you are on your bike you will always need some space to carry your shopping for example. The DuraMaxx Big Black Mike Bicycle Bike Trailer is one of our 4-5 star products as it is a good all rounder for carrying most items and it is secure. If you have children you will most likely want to buy them a bike, we have great tagalongs to attach to your bike so your child will always be right behind you. When you take your child on a ride on the bike with the tagalong he or she will get more confident and soon they will want there own bike and they will be safer.


Baby Bike Trailer and Strollers On Sale Now

The jogging trailers we sell are perfect for kids as they attach to your bike within minutes, they are very easy to install and you and your child will be out in no time. Some of the strollers have one seat or we do have some with two seats. There are some better ones we sell that have air filled tyres and some have suspension to make your kids journey a little bit more comfortable. The safety of these for your children is of paramount importance which is why most strollers have seat belts and some have a five point harness system, if you are unfortunate and get a puncture a standard bike repair kit is all you need as the wheels and tyres are the same on most bikes.