Bike Parts


Every Bike Part You Will Need For Your Bicycle

On our site you will see we try and stock most bike parts, from chain guards, chains, cables, brake levers, brake pads, brake discs, calipers and so many more to list. If you are having problems with your bike just replace the parts that are worn and your bike will be as good as new. 

Buying Bike Parts To Upgrade Your Bike

If you have had your bike for a few years it might be worth upgrading some stock parts to high performance parts, simple changes like lighter pedals or a lighter wheels can make a big difference when it come to speed. You can even upgrade your old V-brakes to disc brakes for very little money. Maybe your bike has no suspension, this can be a very easy upgrade as you take your old forks off then just bolt on the new forks with the suspension, that will have a massive benefit to your bike ride.